3 KISD Teachers/Moms -  (1/20/2014):

“The progress reports on our children are great!  The communication between the teacher and parents are such a major improvement over other schools.  Our children are doing so well in your Pre-K class!”

 Tiffany -  (1/10/2014):

“I just love my son's teacher!  He learned to write his name in just 2 weeks.  Now he asks me to help him practice writing his letters at home.  This is the first time he has ever shown an interest in writing.”

 Nick W. -  (8/27/2013):

“We have had our child enrolled here since they opened about two years ago. The staff is friendly and caring and the balance between learning and having fun was very beneficial to our child. I frequently recommend this School to people new to the area and will continue to do so in the future.”

 Marikatherine G. - (6/13/2013):

“Discovery Schoolhouse is an amazing school that has nurtured my son into the little boy he is today. I want to thank the entire staff for helping my son grow and learn. He truly loves this place and all of you (and his friends). Thanks for helping me "raise" my son for the last year and half. You and your staff are truly amazing people who have a gift for nurturing and teaching children.”

 Rachel D. - (5/13/2013):

“Where do I start?  My 2 children used to go to another area school and now they go to Discovery Schoolhouse.   It has been a WONDERFUL experience.  The staff always seem to be genuinely happy and love the children.  My husband travels for work, causing us to move.  I can honestly say that this is the BEST OF THE BEST.  The school is always clean and never smells like they have young children.  The art work on the walls are done by the kids.  I have seen turn over one time and it was justified.  They brought new teacher in and she was just as warm and friendly as the previous one.  Kuddos - to management for finding this wonderful group of teachers.  I love the fact that my youngest is learning her ABCs and she isn't even 2 years old yet.  My son asks on the weekends if he can go to school.  He even throws a fit when I tell him that he can't.  It just shows how wonderful that Discovery Schoolhouse is!”

 Kim C. - (5/7/2013):

“I have two daughters that attend Discovery Schoolhouse.  My eldest daughter not only ADORES one of her teachers, but loves going to day care, "school", every morning.  Discovery Schoolhouse did an excellent job working with us to potty train my eldest. They are now beginning the same type of routine for my youngest.  My girls learn so much from being in an educational environment every day.  I would agree that I have also noticed the recent growing pains they are going through, and (as a parent) I would prefer a higher teacher to student ratio, but I also trust the owner and management to work through this in due time.”

 Andy H. - (4/15/2013):

“I have 3 kids ages 5, 3 and 1. We send all 3 of our little ones to Discovery Schoolhouse and we've been there pretty much from their opening year. I will say that throughout the experience, they have been more than accommodating and attentive to our needs. Occasionally, you find the one odd teacher or aide that isn't working out, but those are few and far between for this school. The Director and Owner are always there and always willing to take in feedback and work with you as a parent on an individual basis. I put a lot of weight in that because that little personal touch goes a long way in making sure your kids are attended to properly. In terms of academic programs, I wouldn't know if they are top notch, but definitely above standards as I've often been pleasantly surprised at the grammar and knowledge growth shown in my kids when they return home. They offer foreign languages as part of the daily program like Spanish and Chinese, rather than Spanish or Chinese, which is important to us as most kids now need to be multi-lingual. All their classes have cameras for you to monitor your kids' activities, and every day, when you pick them up, you can review their day through behavior clip charts, daily sheets, artwork in personal folders, and even a quick chat with the teacher in class. Their tuition and fees are very reasonable for everything you get. Overall, I would say there's a lot of value in what you pay for if you give your child a go with them.”

 Kristi T. - (3/1/2013):

“My child has been going here since it opened. Loves the teachers, has made many friends, and had learned so much. Couldn't be more prepared for kindergarten, the learning technique they use there is great. My child is always smiling and happy when picked up. Getting the most out of learning, socialization, building confidence, not to mention the lunches are well prepared and healthy. I'm so happy we decided to have our child go here, it's been a fulfilling experience from the beginning. I would absolutely recommend this place to any family looking for a great preschool.”

 Karla F. - (2/22/2013):

“Parents, my two children have been at Discovery Schoolhouse since the first day it opened.   My girls, now 6 and 8 have been in daycare since they were 8 weeks old…..   Discovery has had a few growing pains but I have nothing but glowing reviews for Ms. Lummus in the pre-k program who is amazing!!   I have also had a very good relationship with Mr. Joe the owner who is immediate about taking action for any issues that might come up at the school.   The center itself is brand new, always clean, has a nice setup, internet cameras and good security and has very good programs for the kids.”

 Marcelle B. - (2/12/2013):

“My 2 sons attend this school and they both really like it.  Their teachers have helped both of them excel at their school work.  They are learning the typical academic stuff plus more.  My oldest son surprised me yesterday when he said 2 phrases of Chinese for the first time.  My youngest showed me sign language for hungry, more, bye, thank you and please..   Wow, was I surprised!   My sons are growing beyond the typical academic programs available at other preschools.  My son's teachers are fantastic!”

 Michael W. -= (2/11/2013):

“My grandson attends Discovery and I have attended many school activities, they have been well organized. He is learning his school work as well as social skills.”

 Jay R. (2/4/2013):

“My kids love the school and their teachers!  They've been going there for 6 months and have learned so much.  My daughter is 2 and was potty trained by her teacher in 6 weeks, knows her colors, shapes and many letters of the alphabet.   My son, who is 4, learned his phonics, reads basic sentences and does simple math now.  Great school!  Go check it out”

 Amit K. (10/24/2012):

“We enrolled our son in Discovery School House after hearing some very good words about it from our close friends, and we are glad we made that choice. We really like Discovery School house for a number of reasons. It’

s a few blocks from our home, so the convenience of dropping/ picking up is great. The facility is nice and clean, teachers are very friendly and caring, and the management is good. My son was 18 months old, when we started sending him to this school and now he's almost 2 years old. He started in the "toddler" class and in the first couple of months, he learned quite a few things, sign language, rhymes, art projects, socializing with kids of his age, etc. His teachers were very nice and helpful. I like to monitor my son every day from my work PC, so I know when he ate, when he slept etc., and I found that the school was always honest with their daily report. Everything was honestly reported at the end of the day to me. We have dietary restrictions and the school tried to work with us, in order to give my son things that we would like him to eat. He has since moved into the Early Pre School class, and after some brief adjustment period with the new group, he has been doing fine. I am overall very satisfied with the care provided to my son, and would recommend it to my friends and neighbors.”

 Suzy S. (1/25/2012):

“I highly recommend Discovery Schoolhouse preschool.  My daughter loves her teacher and school.  We really like the hands on approach, strong educational focus and loving attention.  The school has made a real difference in my little toddler.   She is very happy and well ahead of children her age.  Her self-confidence has improved so much!  For my husband and I, the school is exactly what we've been looking for.”

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